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Click here for the scripts to create the demo tables for Oracle9i: The Complete Reference:

Click here for the scripts for the Oracle9i DBA Handbook:


Periodically, I will put articles and presentations in this section. Except where indicated, you can reprint these articles in your local newsletters, provided you (1) don't change the text, (2) properly credit me as the author, (3) reference this web site, (4) notify me before the publication date and (5) send me a copy of the newsletter containing the article. If you abide those restrictions, then you can use the material in your newsletters.

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All articles are saved as .DOC files (Word95). If you republish them, you may alter the fonts to fit your style specifications. You can view them online by left-clicking, or download by right-clicking on the link.

How Long are NUMBER Datatype Values? (HTML format) and How Long are NUMBER Datatype Values? (DOC format)

Oracle Open World 2000 recap

Where can I host my WebDB site?

Bibbitybobbityboo - using Oracle to resolve the Fairy Godmother's Last Theorem also available in HTML format: Bibbitybobbityboo - using Oracle to resolve the Fairy Godmother's Last Theorem (HTML format)

Demo Table Creation Scripts for Oracle8i: The Complete Reference

WebDB Administrative Statistics Scripts

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: init.ora Parameters Introduced in Oracle8.0 and Made Obsolete in Oracle8i

Creating Materialized Views from ORACLE8i DBA Handbook

Sizing Extents for Performance

How and Why to Disable ORACLE Trace

Auditing Date Values for Year 2000 Compliance

Correlation Variables and Abstract Datatype Attributes

How to Facilitate Password Changes from ORACLE SQL & PL/SQL Annotated Archives

How to Generate Password Expiration Warnings from ORACLE SQL & PL/SQL Annotated Archives

Managing Deadlocks from ORACLE SQL & PL/SQL Annotated Archives

Be sure to check out the Oracle Magazine code repository. They still feature a set of scripts I wrote as the basis for an article ("Have Scripts, Will Travel") in the January 1997 issue. The scripts are not complicated, but they highlight functions and features you should be aware of. The code repository archives are worthwhile resources.

Other articles available online:

These are links to articles of mine that have been published somewhere else and are available online. The copyright for these articles resides with the publisher. For the most part, that's ORACLE Corporation, publisher of in ORACLE Magazine. I've freelanced for ORACLE Magazine since 1990.

On the Quest site: Performance Tuning Mixed-Case Queries (using TOAD) (PDF format). The original TIFFs for the screen shots are available here.

August 2000: Protecting Your Database

August 2000: Tablespaces to Go

March/April 1999: ROI on the New DBA

On the Quest site: Object Views: The Bridge to Object-Relational Oracle8 Databases ; previously appeared in SELECT Magazine and originally appeared in the Oracle8 DBA Handbook. This link is currently broken; Quest has moved its old newsletter files. This will be corrected as soon as I discover the new location.

On the Quest site: Explain Plan: Everything you wanted to know and had no one to ask (PDF file).

Nov/Dec 1998: Detecting Locked and Waiting Transactions. In the ORACLE SQL & PL/SQL Annotated Archives book, this excerpt precedes the "Managing Deadlocks" excerpt provided elsewhere on my site.

March 1998: Using the Oracle8 ROWID Format

Jan/Feb 1997: Have Scripts, Will Travel

Nov/Dec 1996: Database Shutdown/Startup Kit

Nov/Dec 1996: Managing Multi-Table Joins in a Growing Database Environment

May/June 1996: All I Really Need to Know I Learned from my DBA


Redesigning for 24x7 - added 10/25/99. This presentation covers design issues as well as technical implementation issues, so it's rather long (110 slides, for a 2-hour talk at VOUG-99). You can use the index to jump around the slide order.

How to - added 5/17/99 - a set of instructions for performing a small set of DBA tasks. Part of a larger tutorial to be presented at EOUG99.

Implementing New Oracle Options - A Practical Approach - accompanying audio tape available from IOUG-A

Star Queries in Oracle7.2/7.3

Check here for an html copy of a presentation Jim Viscusi and I gave at OOW '96. A member of the Ottawa OUG has put it online.



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